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CRI membership




Being a Member Matters!

By being a member you help our Clan share its History, Heritage, and Values; as well as gain insight and connection to other Rose / De Ros descendants all over the world.


Our Membership Model

In an effort to be more inclusive, we have adopted a “Time, Talent, or Treasure” model for societal membership.


Time: In this aspect we are considering a member's stage in life. The very young and our senior members in our Clan are to be honored and cared for. The youth are our future, and our seniors a link to the past. Therefore, All Youth (under 18) and All Seniors (70 and older) memberships are 100% free. Naturally, parental (or guardian) consent is to be required for granting a Youth Member status, and we welcome any financial support our senior members may wish to provide.


Talent: Here we are considering the many hours of dedication and resources an individual members contributes. Often the value these folks give is far in excess of any membership fee, and the Clan and its organizations benefit greatly. Therefore, Conveners / Tent Host, and persons brought to the attention of the Council of Elders, as having made meritus contributions may be awarded an Annual or in some cases Life Membership. All such meritus membership awards are subject to CRI Council Approval.


Treasure: Given that many of us do not have a lot of time to invest but still wish to be an active contributor to our group, we have membership fees.  These membership fees are essential for any nonprofit groups survival. We are 100% volunteer run, and any money only goes to serve the mission of the organization.


Where your money will go: Money obtained for the organization is to go to meet the organizations needs to fulfill it stated objective. Such expenditures may include but not be limited to thing such as: Maintaining our website, printing materials such as banners, trifold brochures, cards, awards, research funding, membership packets and cards, and other worth while projects.

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