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by Donnie Rose

Ancestor Location Study

Dr. Tyrone Bowes Origenes Project
Autosomal DNA Case
Ancestor Location Study


In 2021 I purchased a report by Dr. Tyrone Bowes. Dr. Bowes is an Irish DNA scientist. He offers an Autosomal DNA report that can map the location within the British Isles where your particular genetics came from: Dr. Tyrone Bowes Origenes Project . Autosomal DNA test results are given by the percentage of your DNA and what country or ethnicity your ancestors came from: FTDNA - My Origins 


I wanted to find out more specifically where within the British Isles my family came from so I made use of Dr. Bowes services.  

Dr. Bowes’ company uses a proprietary database of DNA tests, thus he did not disclose in my report how my autosomal DNA results matched others (with the same surnames). However his report is a very good starting point for doing genealogical research in the British Isles.

I learned from my report that there were nine (9) geographically (and genetically) distinct Rose families within Scotland and England. As more autosomal DNA tests are completed in the United Kingdom, more specific comparisons can be made between historical locations.
The results for the Rose surname follows.

The Figure below shows the Rose Surname in Mainland Britain in 1841. Farmers with each surname still concentrate in the area where ones ancestor lived when surnames first appeared or in the area where one’s ancestors first settled. Distribution mapping of farmers named Rose reveals at least 9 geographically (and genetically) distinct groups (red arrows Panel A, red circles Panel B)
(Source: Rose – An Autosomal DNA Case Study by Dr. Tyrone Bowes, 24 th July 2021)

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