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A warm hello and many good wishes to all the Rose Family members and kinsmen and kinswomen all over the USA and beyond its borders.


I believe that the next few weeks are especially a momentous occasion to all those students who will graduate from their schools and will then go on to their next level of education. I extend my heartiest congratulations to you all, WELL DONE!!

In a way, it is a milestone in your young lives and whatever you decide to do in your life, I want to reach out to you and applaud your achievements. 


On another note;

Clan Rose International has been making great strides in adding new members to the organization and have been consolidating their foundations. 

To those who are organizing and participating in the many and various Highland Games around the country this year, I especially send my greetings. Only by being part of the festivities can we extend our family ties and traditions and to make known our motto ‘Constant and True’ in all that we strive to do in our lives.


In the next few months I look forward to those of you who are making the pilgrimage to Scotland. It will give me the greatest pleasure in seeing you here and meeting with you. 

In the meantime, I sincerely trust you will all have a wonderful summer season with your families and I extend my best wishes to you all.


David Rose

26th Baron of Kilravock

Chief of Clan Rose

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